Today’s TiPb Top 5 will be directed towards our iPhone and iPod touch wielding readers who love to cook. Just like our other TiPb top 5 must-have posts, all of these applications are available in the App Store. For the full overview, follow us after the break!



Epicurious is a cooking app with over 25 000 recipies, a shopping list and ratings from others who have tried the meals. If you are going to pick just one cooking application, Epicurious would fit the bill. A vast array of recipes to choose from allows for a lot of versatility in the kitchen. It may not make you Gordon Ramsay, “You Donkey!”, but it will help you to impress your loved ones.

The full page advertisements are a bit distracting but the application is free.

Epicurious is available for free [iTunes link].

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

All recipies

Allrecipies.com Dinner Spinner is a cooking app with a bit of a twist spin (Sorry couldn’t help myself). Boasting 1000’s of recipes Allrecipes.com allows you to pick your meal, ingredients and how long you want to spend cooking it (No "zero minutes" option, though -- I checked!). The great thing about this app is that you also get to see the ratings and comments of others people who have tried the recipes. This lets you know about variations/suggestions for the meal. You can also turn on filters for vegetarian, gluten-free and other special diet restrictions.

A great overall cooking application

Allrecipies.com Dinner Spinner is available for free [iTunes link].

Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals

Jamie Olivers 20 minute meals

Jamie Oliver's 20 minute meals gives the user a "personalized experience". It's is more costly than most cooking apps but it makes up for it with an sleek look intuitive feel. Jamie also gives you over an hour of videos on topics such as Knife skills, how to make the perfect steak, and how to properly use your cutting board. It’s just like having Jamie in the kitchen with you. Each step in the recipe comes with a picture. It also gives you an easy-to-use shopping list. All of the recipies are installed in the application so you don’t need to connect to the internet. The one negative to this application is the lack of recipes, with only a a bit over 50 included (though you can access more recipes via integration with Jamie’s website).

This application is especially great for those who enjoy Jamie Oliver's cooking techniques.

Jamie Olivers 20 minute meals is available for 7.99 [iTunes link]

Look and Taste

Look and Taste

Look and Taste is an application that gives you plenty for your money. Its clean interface allows you to seamlessly pick which recipes you want to cook. Many recipes also have video included on how to cook the meal (as opposed to other applications that only use video to show you some tips). There are also videos on various glossary terms, food items and chef tips.The recipes can be chosen by cooking time, difficulty, ingredients and main ingredient.

The application is jammed packed with information for cooks of all levels and is well worth the price tag..

Look and Taste is available for 4.99 [iTunes link].

iFood Assistant (by Kraft)

iFood Assistant

The application has a clean interface and easy to navigate controls. You choose your recipe by the kind of meal you want to prepare (either snack, breakfast, entrée etc), and then your main ingredient. The use of product placements in the ingredients list is a bit disconcerting but they're easily replaced by whatever brand you prefer. (The strange craving for Cheese Wiz that come with them, somewhat less so!)

Browse recipes, watch the cooking videos or try out the budget wise section, it also gives you tips on how to shop on a budget (US only). You can organize the recipes by prep time, reviewer rating, total time or name. This makes finding a quick meal fast and efficient. The application has over 40 cooking videos, which give you tips, but the video quality is low. The recipes range in difficulty from beginner to advanced, so there's a bit of everything. (Though it's not quite up to the standard of the other apps in this list).

iFood Assistant is available for $0.99 [iTunes link].


There you have it, TiPb’s Top 5 Must-Have iPhone cooking games. Did we miss any of your favorites? Overlook any amazing food finds? Drop us a comment and let us know your list!

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