Flickr for iPhone updated with better Facebook sharing and more notifications

Just one week following its huge update that introduced filters, Flickr for iPhone has been updated again with a few more improvements including better Facebook sharing and more options for notifications.

This update to Flickr includes better visibility of photo upload status, easier sharing to Facebook, the option to receive instant notifications when a Facebook friend joins Flickr, the ability to easily find your Twitter contacts on Flickr, and notifications when someone comments on a photo that you've also commented on. Flickr has also fixed issues with Google sign-in and other bug fixes.

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This isn't a hugely significant update to Flickr, but what is significant is that Yahoo seems to be dedicating time, energy, and resources in their mobile presence which is great. I recently gave reasons why I believe Flickr is better than Instagram, so it's great to see that development in the platform will continue to be a priority.

Any other Flickr users out there? Feel free to share your username below!

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