Forget in-store pickup, former retail head Ron Johnson wants to 'Uber' your gadget orders to your home

While calling for a car service to take you somewhere may sound trite, having your gadgets that you just ordered delivered to your doorstep may not be and that's what former Apple retail head Ron Johnson is working on. Johnson has reportedly been poaching former and current Apple employees, including former Apple VP of retail Jerry McDougal who left to spend more time with family, to work on this Uber-like on-demand delivery service.

Johnson's claim to fame was bringing to life Apple's retail concept. After that, he had departed Apple to take the helm of J.C. Penny.

While rivals like Google and Amazon are envisioning a day when drones can deliver your goods to your doors, the Uber-like car delivery service that Johnson is reportedly more realistic for today's world given that the FAA doesn't need to get involved over drone flying regulations.

Would you order an iPhone 6 or Mac for in-store pick-up and call Johnson's company to drive your purchases to your home or office? How much would you pay for this high-end courier service?

Source: The Information

Chuong H Nguyen