We've seen Frash, the Jailbreak port of Android Flash, on the iPad but now it's making its move over to iPhone courtesy of Comex who coded it and Grant Pannell who compiled it.

Ally is going to look at this more in depth later in the week, but if you're Jailbroken and you've just been dying to get some Flash on your iPhone, there's now an alpha for that.

I'll just note here, however, that I've turned the official Flash 10.1 mobile off on my Nexus One since it didn't really rock my world (maybe I'm just used to not having it?), and while they complain about Apple like whiny kids on a forced march, Adobe still hasn't shipped a working version of Flash for webOS or BlackBerry -- two platforms that really, really want it.

All that to highlight just how alpha and unofficial this Frash build is, and remind you to keep an eye on your resources. (Or check out Comex's tweet longer...]

Update: Ben Miller let us know that you can now go to his Cydia repo, repo.benm.at, to install Frash more easily.

[DigitalDJ.net, thanks everyone who sent this in]