Celebrate Free Card Day with FX Photo Studio for iPhone

The popular photo filter iPhone app, FX Photo Studio, has recently partnered with Sincerely to include the ability to send physical postcards from directly within the app. For today only, they're allowing users to order one card for free!

FX Photo Studio has always been one of my favorite apps for adding filters to my photos because with 194 filters and effects, plus the ability to mask and layer the filters, there's a countless number of possibilities for each photo.

To mask an effect, you simply tap the paintbrush icon and start painting with your finger. To adjust the brush size you zoom in and out of the photo -- the brush size will always be relative to your finger. Although it isn't the default, you can easily turn on the outline of the brush so that you know exactly how big the brush is. You can also elect to show a small square in the corner that shows exactly where your are applying the effect. This is a great feature for those fine details since your finger is making it so you can't see.

FX Photo Studio also include a selective coloring tool called Color Splash that lets your convert parts of your image to black and white. Again, this is done by painting in the color with your finger.

Also included is 9 stylish text labels for adding personalized text to your photos. Although these labels are very nice, I do wish there was a plain text option that didn't include a label behind the text.

When you're done editing your photo, you can share it to Facebook Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, open in another app, or send to Sincerely to make a 4x6 postcard. Postcards are $1.99 each and very easy to send. You can add your own personal message to the back as well as a profile picture.

The Good

  • 194 filters and effects
  • Color Splash tool for selective coloring
  • Filters can be masked on and off specific areas of the photo
  • Text labels

The Bad

  • Can't add text by itself without a label
  • Cannot make traditional adjustments (like exposure and white balance)

The bottom line

FX Photo Studio is a great app for adding effects and filters to your photos with endless possibilities. The ability to send affordable postcards through Sincerely is a great new addition that, even though you may not use regularly, is nice to have as an option when someone's birthday is approaching or for those random times you want to send a smile to someone's doorstep.

Today is Free Card Day!

If you decide to pick up FX Photo Studio, today is Free Card Day and each user is allowed to send one postcard for free! The number of free cards is limited to 50,000, so if you're planning to take advantage of Free Card Day, you better act fast!

$1.99 - Download Now

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