Fring updated with iPad support and 4 way group video calling [video]

Fring has just released an update to its popular communication software and stolen a big march on Skype; releasing an iPad optimized version that can do 4-way video calling. That’s right, a 4-way video call can now be made on an iPad 2 and you can see all the participants at once; as the screen is quartered to accommodate the four separate streams.

You can make the video calls over 3G as well as WiFi and as an added bonus, it is a multi platform app. You can use it to talk and video chat with your friends even if they have an Android or Nokia device.

Take a look at the video of Fring in action after the break. Let us know if you currently use Fring at the moment or plan to after seeing this update?

[Free – iTunes link]


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