The Cydia Store now has a great extension available for jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch called Fullscreen for Safari that allows for not only toggling Safari into fullscreen mode for completely unobstructed browsing, but also includes multi-touch gestures.

This package costs $1.49 and has functionality and options that will completely change the way you use Safari. You can do things like two finger swipe left/right to switch tabs, two-finger swipe up/down to either open a new tab or close the current tab respectively, and shake to toggle fulscreen mode. (I personally love this function.) To get into fullscreen mode, the developer has defaulted to using a three finger tap anywhere on a page, but I've reassigned that to bring up my bookmarks since I can just shake my iPhone to get it into fullscreen mode.

This Cydia extension is seriously sweet, and I would absolutely consider this a must-have for all iPhone and iPod touch jailbreakers (not yet available for iPad). You can follow the developer, @_Yllier_, on Twitter to keep informed of any updates.


Video after the break and if you have played with Fullscreen for Safari, let us know how you like it!

by Andrew Wray