Geohot exploit + Comex userland tools to keep Apple A4 iPhones Jailbroken and untethered Forever

iPhone Dev Team's MuscleNerd has announced via twitter that Comex's Userland Tools can be used to keep all Apple A4 chipset-based, Jailbroken iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads untethered for all future firmware releases. Coupled with Geohot's limera1n exploit which will work on all current A4 devices for the duration of their lifespan, and iPhone Dev Teams custom pwnagetool which will keep your baseband unlockable, Jailbreakers can look forward to being up to date with all current firmware releases without any worry of losing their Jailbreak or Unlock status.

  • Pwnagetool lets you create custom firmware with older baseband to preserve unlock (iPhone 4 owners can also use TinyUmbrella)
  • Comex Userland Tools are built into both limera1n and greenpois0n to keep Jailbreak untethered.
  • Geohot Exploit is a bootrom-level exploit that can't be closed without new hardware from Apple.

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