Get Alexa in your car for cheap with the Roav VIVA Car Charger

Roav VIVA Car Charger in car
Roav VIVA Car Charger in car (Image credit: Roav)

Digital assistants are all the rage these days, including Amazon Alexa. While we mostly use our digital assistants with our phones and home audio products, did you know that you can get them, specifically Alexa, in your car as well? That's right! You can ask Alexa to help you get directions in your car, tell you how the weather is before you set out, or even ask her to play some music for the ride. The Roav VIVA Car Charger with Alexa will charge your phone and provide you with Alexa in the car, and it's on sale right now.

When we're on the road, it's the perfect time to charge up our mobile phones. But have you ever wanted to have your own digital assistant while driving too? That's what you get with the Roav VIVA Car Charger with Alexa.

This simple looking car charger has two USB-A ports for high-speed charging to two devices simultaneously. But don't get it confused with Qualcomm Quick Charge, because that isn't supported (not enough power output).

This car charger also has built-in Alexa, which separates it from the rest. It's easy to set up the Alexa assistant with the Roav VIVA app, and once everything is paired up, Alexa connects to your device each time you start the car up. From there, you can simply ask Alexa to get you directions, play music, check the weather, tell you the news, do online shopping, control your smart home items, and more, all with just your voice. And if you don't want to use Alexa right now, just tap the button to mute the mics. The music streaming also works for any app, so you can use Apple Music, Spotify, or whatever other streaming service.

Driving should always be your focus, but having digital assistant Alexa in the car just makes it easier for you.

Christine Chan

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