Get a Campark Dashcam for less than $30 and don't worry on the road again

Campark DC01 Dash Cam
Campark DC01 Dash Cam (Image credit: Campark)

Every day, we are at risk when we hit the roads in our cars, because let's face it — other drivers can't be trusted. You always hear stories of hit and runs, or you get in an accident and the other party tries to pin it on you when it was their fault. If you have a dash cam, you won't have to worry about losing your case when you have solid video evidence, and the Campark Dash Cam is on sale right now.

These days, it's more important than ever to have a dash cam installed in your car. This Campark Dash Cam is highly rated on Amazon and is currently available at a low price of only $28, so it's a great time to buy if you don't have one.

This dash cam is capable of recording full 1080p HD video with a 170-degree field of view, and it has great clarity both during the day and at night. It features a big aperture, Wide Dynamic Range, and 6-glass fixed focus to ensure you get crystal clear video, no matter the road conditions. There is a large 3-inch screen so you can see and play back the footage that the camera is capturing at any time.

The dash cam also features loop recording, so you can continue to record without worrying about space on the memory card. With Loop Recording on, it will override the oldest footage with new footage, unless you lock a file so that it cannot be overwritten. The Campark dash cam supports up to 32GB of storage on a microSD card.

Even if you're not driving, this Campark dash cam has a G-Sensor and 24/7 parking monitoring. The G-Sensor means that the camera can automatically detect shaking or collision impacts, then record what is happening. The 24/7 Parking mode means that the camera is also able to work when you're not in the car, and it will record once the G-Sensor is tipped off.

Like other dash cams, this one from Campark is not hard to install. The suction cup has a strong hold and you can lock it in place. There are four easy access buttons on the sides to make it easy to turn on Loop Recording, screen saver, parking monitor, auto-power off, and motion detection.

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