Don't wear a dunce hat, cash in on these Smart 360 robot vacuum deals

360 S5 Robot Vacuum
360 S5 Robot Vacuum (Image credit: Smart 360)

Smart 360 S7 Pro Amazon

Smart 360 S7 Pro Amazon (Image credit: Smart 360)

Robot vacuums come from various sizes at different price points. Smart 360 is currently offering three of its most popular cleaners at discounted prices for Black Friday. Like other Black Friday deals, these won't last forever, so make your purchase soon.

Clean your home

Clean your home

Offering laser mapping navigation technology, this impressive robot has the power to determine the most efficient cleaning routes to get the job done.

You can set up virtual line boundaries or no-go zones to bypass some areas of your house. With custom cleaning, prioritize the rooms of your home, pick a time or an area, clean it once or twice, just as you want.

Look, there's a mop!

Look, there's a mop!

This robot can vacuum and mop at the same time using laser mapping technology.

The 360 S7 Pro offers virtual boundaries and no-go zones, so it's always cleaning the most important places in your home. Set an off-limit mop zone, so it avoids carpets when mopping. Program the vacuum, so it performs double the suction while vacuuming.

Another winner

Another winner

Like the S7 Pro, the S9 can mop and vacuum at the same time to get your home nice and clean.

Featuring an ultrasonic and laser dual eye mapping system, the S9 intelligently navigates and builds a map of your home. Vacuum, mop or do both at the same time to clean your room. With three-stage water adjustments, the robot efficiently mops and vacuums all in one go.

These Black Friday deals won't last long. Come back often for more deals between now and Cyber Monday, November 30.

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