TiPb Give-Away: WeeMee Avatar Creator for iPhone

WeeMee Avatar Creator from WeeWorld [$0.99 - iTunes Link]. The application allows you to make your an avatar for yourself and your friends. Select various hairstyles, clothing, accessories, over 250 choices in all. Then you can use these avatars for your address book, Facebook, Twitter, MMS or just to email to friends.

I had so much fun using this application that I forgot that I was testing out the app. (It would also keep your children entertained as the controls are simple to use.)

You choose a male or female WeeMee and then you can select the head shape, eyes and mouth, eye color, clothing, background etc. Select the item type at the top of the screen and then just swipe through the choices till you find the one you want.

The Gallery view helps maintain all your WeeMee's and you can choose to export or edit your saved WeeMee's.

So how do you get this app for FREE? Just comment below and say which famous person (or TiPb staff member! ahem) you want to make into an avatar, and we'll select three people at random. Give-away starts now and ends Sunday February 28th at 12pm PT. Promo Codes require a US App Store account (Apple’s rule, not ours). They also expire, so if you win, redeem quickly!

And if you buy the app or win it, I would love to see your TiPb staff member WeeMee's!

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