Google Glass

Google pushed out a substantial update for Google Glass just last week, along with making the headset available to all to buy for one day — and they're following up with another update this week that will enable new functionality. iPhone users will see their text messages show up in their notifications, and all Glass users will get to see their calendar in front of their right eyeball.

Those that happen to be using both an iPhone and Google Glass will now be able to view text message notifications on their Glass. Simply enabling Show Notifications in the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone will send those alerts to Glass. But, unlike with Android and its obviously deeper integration with Glass, iPhone users won't be able to reply to those text messages through Glass.

For all users, MyGlass app will be updated with a new Calendar Glassware. Enabling it will put your calendar agenda to the left of the Glass home screen. Calendar cards can be tapped to made edits, RSVP, and remove events from your Glass timeline.

The updates for MyGlass for iPhone and MyGlass for Android are expected later this week.

Source: +GoogleGlass

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