Google adds iPhone video app developer Fly Labs to its Photos team

Google has acquired yet another small company, but this one has previously made apps exclusively for Apple's iPhone. New York City-based Fly Labs has revealed it will be joining the Google Photos team after releasing apps like Fly, Tempo, Clips and Crop on the Fly in the iOS App Store.

Fly Labs says that over 20 million videos have been created using their apps. It added:

We're excited to continue on our mission by joining Google and the Google Photos team in Mountain View, California. Google Photos is a home for your life's memories, powered by Google's machine learning and computer vision technology. It's a perfect match for what we built at Fly Labs, and we're looking forward to folding our technology into Google Photos. We'll be pouring the same passion into Google Photos that we poured into Clips, Fly, Tempo and Crop on the Fly.

Fly Labs did not disclose the financial details of their acquisition by Google. It revealed that its iOS apps are now all free to download and use, but they will no longer be updated and will be removed from the iOS App Store in three months.

Source: Fly Labs

John Callaham

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