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Google Announces Adsense for Mobile Applications for iPhone

We all know Google isn't a search engine company, they're a company that makes googzillions of dollars monetizing search (and trying to monetize other things) via their AdSense advertising platform. For iPhones, this was previously constrained to the browser window of Mobile Safari (or Chrome Lite for Android users). Now, however, the Official Google Blog announces:

AdSense for Mobile Applications allows developers to earn revenue by displaying text and image ads in their iPhone and Android applications. For our beta launch, we've created a site where developers can learn more about the AdSense for Mobile Applications program, see answers to frequently asked questions and sign up to participate in our beta. Advertisers can also learn about the benefits of advertising in mobile applications.

Advertising lets Google and others supply lots of free services to users. Will it be as successful embedded in apps as it is in the browser? Developers, are you interested in Google AdSense monetizing your apps? Users, would you put up with Google advertising if it meant cheap or free apps?

[Thanks to Icebike for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • Great so now I'm going to have to put up with seeing BS ads "Look how fat I was and look how skinny I am now" with nasty pictures of belly fat on my phone in addition to my computer!
  • @foster
  • In a free app - have at it. That's the cost of being cheap. If I'm paying for the app - don't even think about it.
  • It gives devs the option of doing a paid for with no ads and a free one with ads so everyone is happy. Suits me fine.
  • Seems like a fair way for deva of free apps to make a buck.
    I wonder if the ad blocking tweek in cydia would work on ad supported apps and still allow the app to function propperly?
    Ads in apps or browsers don't bother me because I just don't pay them any attention. I don't see how people can ignore real pressing issues of the day yet can't ignore a lame insignificant ad. People have to be paid for their time and hard work one way or another. With the exorbitant amount of app piracy it only seems fair that debs have a back up to ensure they can stay in business. It's selfish to expect people to just give you everything you want just because you want it.
    Stop acting like this invades your civil liberties. I don't see or hear anyone bitching about billbords or movie posters. Selfish cry babies. Try doing something on your own for once and you will see that people need to get it where they can, because if people like what you offer others will find a way to steal it from you. Oh poor ME! ME ME Me. Think about someone else for a change. Just consider someone else for a change. Ads are trivial. Popups a bother, but able to be quickly dealt with. Stop complaining until popups are jamming your phone and rendering it unusable. Till then relax geez.
  • am i the only one who sees this as a positive?
  • @NovyNova:
    I haven to have UrbanSpoon (the app featured in the video above), and I wondered why it got an upgrade thru the App Store yesterday. Now I know why.
    I use it seldom, but I did some expirimenting looking for the Ads, and they were there, but since they were on-topic and it seemed appropriate.
    If I saw unrelated ADs in Games it might not be so great.
    What happens when Apple rejects an app because Google pushed an AD that they didn't like?
  • I completely view this as a positive. Now hopefully, like previously stated above, it will create the options of Paid Ad-free apps and the complete same app for free just ad supported. I don't mind drudging through some apps to get the same app for free. Lets hope developers view it this way and not just try to make money off of lite versions.
  • @foster
    Obey this rule! LOL!!!
  • I wonder if Admob feels threatened. They seem to be the premeire ad service for mobiles thus far.
  • I also see this as a good thing.
    Consumers shouldn't worry. Developers won't be stupid enough to put ads in paid apps. Besides, if they were going to do that they could already with other ad services like Admob.
    As for Developers this is great!! I myself am planning a few apps as an upcoming project/buisness plan and this is a tremendous advantage for us! We now have a trusted company that we can team up with to put ads in our applications so we can still receive revenue for our companies while making free apps. I also think the ads seem generally non-intrusive so that is also great!
  • Here's a question: Are the ads actually working on mobile devices? I don't think I have ever opened an application and once seeing a pop up ad, found myself eager to make a purchase. For one, I am DOING something else...using my app, and for another, I find it easy enough to ignore the advertisment. In fact, if I notice the ad at all, it is only because it was intrusive...and that is never the best way to sell me anything.
  • I HATE ads. That's why I bought an iPod..…to get away from radio ads. If I see adds in any of my apps, free or not, that is grounds for delete!!! I hate ads! That is why I rend dvd's rather than go to the movies, so I can skip them. I hate ads, that's why I watch HBO rather than local channels. I am soooooo willing to pay a premium price to get away from ads! .…but that's just me.
  • Adsense for mobil phones :)) great news