Google to Launch Google Voice on iPhone as WebApp

Google's own Google Voice app for the iPhone was infamously rejected from the iTunes App Store, so what's the world's leading Web 2.0 giant going to do about it? Release Google Voice as a WebApp targeted at the iPhone's advanced Mobile Safari web browser, of course!

According to David Pogue of the NY Times, much as they did with Google Latitude when that application was similarly denied entry into the App Store, Google's river is finding a way around Apple's rock:

Already, Google says it is readying a replacement for the Google Voice app that will offer exactly the same features as the rejected app—except that it will take the form of a specialized, iPhone-shaped Web page. For all intents and purposes, it will behave exactly the same as the app would have; you can even install it as an icon on your Home screen.

So, will a WebApp be enough for you Google Voice users, even one as good as Google can likely make?

Rene Ritchie

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