Google Voice App Coming to the iPhone?

Again with the Google! This time it's GV Mobile (short for Google Voice, the re-branded Grand Central service) and the above video comes courtesy of Sean Kovacs.

If it's a correct reflection of what we'll see when/if GV Mobile hits the App Store, then it seems to be focused primarily on using Google Voice to make almost Skype-like calls. Google Voice is, of course, far more than a simple calling service, so you also get SMS sending (receiving is handled via the built-in, default iPhone SMS/Messages app), as well as voicemail.

So, is this the Google Voice goodness you've been waiting for?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Wi-fi only?
  • bye bye skype!
  • wow send the SMS to your gmail with push and this would be a killer app.
  • Isn't skype still better cause if it calls the phone then it will be using minutes what's the advantage??? Am I missing something???
  • Anyone know what kind of iPhone or iPhone case that was in the YouTube link above? I've never seen anything like it...
  • Why would this replace Skype? All it does is route your call to/from the numbers you uses standard POTS - not Internet telephony. For example, when I dial out from the app on my iPhone GV actually makes 2 calls -- one to my cell (or whatever other number I want it to dial) and the person I want to call. This really isn't anything like Skype...
  • I don't see this as a threat to skype.
    You end up using your minutes, either to receive the call or to call back.
    Skype to skype on the iphone will be better as soon as the FCC beats ATT into submission and we get notifications.
  • I'm glad everyone likes the video!
    I'm curious, in this forum, if the iPhone users here would like to see more videos like this demoing apps. Most of the ones I've seen are more of the "dark and grainy" variety, and I was thinking of marketing videos done like this to app developers. Would you be more likely to buy an app if it had a nice-looking and nice-sounding demo video?
    Also, I'd love to get feedback on the video itself. I did it very quickly with no lights and some cutting corners on the editing (things I totally wouldn't have done if I knew it was going to get this much exposure!), so I know that there are a few things that could be improved. What else could I do better next time, if someone actually hires me to do this?
    And to Sean: the iPhone case is the Power Support Air Jacket for the iPhone 3G.
  • @adam the vid was great! Nice job. This looks like a revolutionary app and product in its entirety to moi. Wish I could and will attempt to get on the user based ground floor with this one. At the very least I will dl on the first pr.
  • I already have a phone app. :roll:
  • This app is definitely something that I've been wanting. I've used GC and now GV for the past two years as my work number, but using the GV mobile website is clumsy at best (though better than nothing).
  • I don't get it. It doesn everything the iphone already does. What's the point.
  • @JOse:
    It's for people who somehow need to use phone services via the internet at no extra charge. It's probably very useful for traveling, but other than that... I don't get it either.
  • @Steve
    Not exactly Steve. It has a little different focus than does Skype.
    With GV you get a phone number. That phone number will find you, either in the office, or on your cell, or at home, and it will forward the call to you.
    If it can't find you it will take a voice mail.
    Why not just carry a cell phone in your pocket and give THAT number out i hear you asking.
    Because when Bob is covering your desk when you are skiing in the Alps, then you would have to give Bob your phone.
    Its more of a permanent phone number, with a self managed switch board attached. And it does most of those other skype things as well. But it doesn't assure you of free calls.
    The focus isn't about free phone calls, its about maintaining contact via one phone number regardless of where you are.
  • I run a PTA. We give parents our gvoice phone number and send the call out to each of the board members phones. This makes sure that they can always reach someone and we don't have to give out our home phones.
  • Looks like this app didn't get approved by Apple/Itunes.
  • a free instant GV SMS push notification service for iphone:
  • I would give this post 10 starts if I knew how to. Dose this site have some sort of rating system?