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GV Mobile + now in App Store, brings Google Voice to iPhone

GV Mobile + is now in the App Store and offering a full range of Google Voice features to US iPhone users. This marks an interesting transition for the App Store, as GV Mobile was originally approved, the yanked following the Google Voice debacle, and now returns following Apple's change in terms and publication of their app approval guidelines. Along with GV Connect, also just approved, Google Voice is really back on the iPhone. Could a Google-branded app be next?

In any event, the new version of GV Mobile + packs even more Google Voice goodness into the app than ever, including:

  • Dial numbers via Contacts or Favorites
  • Send, receive, and delete SMS
  • Get and delete recent call history
  • Playback and delete voice mail
  • take calls from phones other than iPhone
  • Add, delete, enable, and disable phones

Google Voice is still only available in the US, though GV Mobile is available internationally. So, make sure you have a Google Voice account before buying it. If you do have and do buy, let us know how it works for you!

[GV Mobile + (opens in new tab) on iPhone - $2.99]

Rene Ritchie

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  • Wasn't it in thr App Store yesterday?
  • @Geo Coldz
    No, that's GV Connect.
  • It is not in the iTunes APP store yet. The itunes website lists it, but not within the app store. Whats up with that?
  • What will happen with Iphone 4 after September 30?
  • If #gvmobile trends on twitter the author says it will be free for the night.
  • Not avaiable in the US Store, only available in the Canadian Store so far.
  • Doesn't seem to be there.
  • I bought this the first time, so I guess I get to buy it again.
  • His twitter says it is still working its way through their servers it has NOT been pulled. And if #gvmobile trends on twitter today the app will be FREE tonight! So come on twitter people make it trend!
  • Ah... I got my hopes up for this GV App and it's only available in Canada? Can't wait for 2012; no more ATT exclusivity!
  • I don't see it in the app store yet (US). Paid for it before. Would love to not have to pay again.
  • Not true Google Voice still needs own cell number to answer call it calls you back and you use your own minutes
  • The twitter trending thing is true! So click me name above and retweet one of my tweets including #gvmobile so we can get this thing free tonight!
  • Whoops forgot to put in my twitter website... Ok now click on my name and retweet one of my posts that contains #gvmobile
  • Purchased today. It works fine but the UI is not polished or Slick. It is like a Chevy Truck while the iphone is like a Mercedes Benz. I don't know how else to explain but it does get the job done.
  • Will this work on an ipod touch 2nd gen (using headphones/mic ofcourse?)
  • Says it's not yet in the US app store. But strangely it gives a message saying that it IS in the Canadian app store and asks if I want to switch stores, never seen that before.
  • Can you purchase from the CA store if you are in the US?
  • Waiting with baited breath to buy this. Google's web app sucks.
  • How many times does apple need to reject GV Mobile before @seankovacs get the hint?
  • Ok so this is beginning to look suspect... Gvmobile + is not in the us app store and gv is only available in the us. Wondering what is going on?!?!? Seems like a ploy to me.
  • Hmmm it's been hours. I'm not seeing it what's going on?
  • Still nothing at 652pm pacific. My hopes have been dashed.
  • I really don't think it is coming tonight... Which is not cool. What do they have against @seankovacs?
  • may be a nice app, but i'm waiting on the official google voice app. i know, don't hold my breath for that. but good luck and much love for everybody that buys the app. support those developers!
  • Cool. Apple's playing head games with developers. First email: "Congrats. Your app is approved." Second email: "Psych!!!"
  • Kovacs says on Twitter: "So Apple has like 500 countries listed in three columns...I clicked the wrong check-box for USA. Ooops."
    Guess we'll be waiting a while longer...
  • still not in the app store -_-
  • I saw earlier today he tweeted it would appear "first thing tomorrow morning," or so he was promised by Apple. I wonder how they're defining "tomorrow morning?" 12:01 am or eggs and bacon time?
  • @Mile at 5:40pm...are you sure you didn't purchase GV Connect? That's a different app by a different developer.
  • Its there. Hers the link....
  • It's there now!!!
  • Had to reboot my phone to get it to install. Seems to work as advertised, and looks better than GV Connect. I don't know what the deal is with the promo codes he was giving out, though. I got one but it didn't seem to do anything. Overall, a very rough launch.
  • Just bought it, really nice push notifications would make it perfect.
  • Works great. Very polished. I LOVE IT!!!!
  • As long as GV Mobile + and GV Connect call you FIRST before connecting the call, they are both worthless and far behind Google's official Web App that dials out IMMEDIATELY without needing to call you first! For the life of me I don't know why this doesn't bother anyone else! :|
  • This is awesome about time!!!!
  • I got it and looks nice.
    Now, for me will have any value if I can call international for free even if call my number back. It says that if you don't like that you can have it set to don't call you back.
    If I need to have credit available to make those call, what is the difference with skype?
    I want free intl. calls and if it does use my AT&T minutes would be fine with me.
    Free intl
  • This app Is great. I am glad it is back in the store.
  • What's the difference between this one and the cydia version?
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