GV Mobile + now in App Store, brings Google Voice to iPhone

GV Mobile + is now in the App Store and offering a full range of Google Voice features to US iPhone users. This marks an interesting transition for the App Store, as GV Mobile was originally approved, the yanked following the Google Voice debacle, and now returns following Apple's change in terms and publication of their app approval guidelines. Along with GV Connect, also just approved, Google Voice is really back on the iPhone. Could a Google-branded app be next?

In any event, the new version of GV Mobile + packs even more Google Voice goodness into the app than ever, including:

  • Dial numbers via Contacts or Favorites
  • Send, receive, and delete SMS
  • Get and delete recent call history
  • Playback and delete voice mail
  • take calls from phones other than iPhone
  • Add, delete, enable, and disable phones

Google Voice is still only available in the US, though GV Mobile is available internationally. So, make sure you have a Google Voice account before buying it. If you do have and do buy, let us know how it works for you!

[GV Mobile + on iPhone - $2.99]

Rene Ritchie

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