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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite — Fantastic Flora and Fauna event guide

The very first Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event is here, and it's running from July 3, 2019, until July 10, 2019. This special in-game event — called Fantastic Flora and Fauna — will give you access to get Restricted Books to help you advance on your Profession skill tree, as well as new Foundables to return and Portkey Portmanteaus to open!

The event is only here for a limited time, meaning you need to get out and play as much as you can to ensure you can reap all the rewards. This guide will help you get the most out of the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event, plus even share a few tips and tricks on how to make sure you complete the event to the fullest extent!

How to get Restricted Books in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you've been leveling up your Profession, you've likely come across skills or spells that need Restricted Books before you can unlock them. Special events — like the Fantastic Flora and Fauna — are the only way to get access to these rare books.

You'll receive Restricted Books as rewards for completing Special Assignments in your Assignment Tracker. The assignments will vary and you'll only get a few at a time, which you'll need to complete in full before you can move on to the next set of tasks! So do your best to complete them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event assignments

Here's a list of all the assignments you will need to complete during the event and the list of rewards you will get for completing each assignment! We will be adding more as we go, so bookmark this page for later!

Fantastic Flora and Fauna I Tasks

Task Reward
Dine at Inns 2 time 10 Brilliant Family XP
Unlock a Portkey Portmanteau 15 Brilliant Family XP
Return 2 Foundables of any Family 2 Restricted Books

When you've completed the first three tasks, you'll also get additional rewards which include 500 XP, 20 Brilliant Family XP, and two Restricted Books.

Fantastic Flora and Fauna II Tasks

Task Reward
Return 2 Brilliant Buckbeak Foundables 300 XP
Return 3 Magizoology Family Foundables 10 Brilliant Family XP
Perform 2 Great Spell Casts 15 Brilliant Family XP

When you've completed these three tasks, you'll also get additional rewards which include 25 Brilliant Family XP, three Restricted Books, and a Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump Foundable.

Fantastic Flora and Fauna III Tasks

Task Reward
Return 7 Medium Threat Foundables 400 XP
Recover 2 Brilliant Unicorn Foundable fragments 500 XP
Return 4 Care of Magical Creatures Family Foundables 15 Brilliant Family XP

When you've completed these three tasks, you'll also get additional rewards which include 25 Brilliant Family XP, three Restricted Books, and two Potent Exstimulo Potions.

Fantastic Flora and Fauna IV Tasks

Task Reward
Unlock 5 Portkey Portmanteaus 750 XP
Brew 7 Potions 10 Brilliant Family XP
Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges 15 Brilliant Family XP

When you've completed these three tasks, you'll also get additional rewards which include five Restricted Books, a Brilliant Salamander Foundable Fragment. 50 Gold, and a Brilliant Beanie Top.

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Brilliant Forbidden Forest Foundables and where to find them.

Hagrid has tasked you with returning Foundables back to the Forbidden Forest, which means there are new Foundables to be found during the Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event! Some of them will pop up on the map (just like other traces) as special looking symbols like you see above! Others you'll need to battle in Wizarding Challenges, unlock completing tasks, or unlock special 7KM Portmanteaus.

Here are all the Brilliant Forbidden Forest Foundables you can find during the event, including how many fragments you need to place the image in your Registry, and where you can find those fragments!

Foundable Fragments required Where to find
Brilliant Unicorn 12 fragments Traces on map
Brilliant Buckbeak 10 fragments Traces on map
Brilliant Acromantula 3 fragments Wizarding Challenges w/ Brilliant Runestone
Brilliant Snargaluff 3 fragments 7KM Pormanteaus
Brilliant Tree Stump 1 fragments Complete all Flora and Fauna II tasks
Brilliant Salamander 1 fragments Complete all Flora and Fauna IV tasks

Special Portmanteaus

During the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event you will come across special Portkey Portmanteaus that will unlock after you walk 7KM, rather than the standard 2KM, 5Km, or 10KM you typically find. These Portkey Portmanteaus are one of the ways you can unlock more Brilliant fragments, so do your absolute best to pick these up and unlock them during the event!

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Tips and tricks for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event

While our best tips and tricks for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are great for playing the game at all times. Here are a few extra tips for specifically for the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event!

Make sure to open your assignment tracker!

Some people are still experiencing an issue where their daily assignments won't track if they don't first open up the Assignment tracker. To be extra safe, make sure you take a second when you load up your game, to open the Assignment tracker before you do anything else. so you get credit for all your hard work!

Keep some 2 KM Portkey Portmanteaus waiting

You'll notice that some of the tasks required during the event to get rewards (the most precious being Restricted Books), will require you to unlock Portkey Portmanteaus; however, which kind of Portmanteaus doesn't matter.

Keep some 2KM Portmanteaus on hand and ready to go so you can complete those specific tasks in the shortest amount of time possible. Also, it may be worth to use some of your precious Silver keys on the 2KM Portmanteaus (something we normally advise against) to complete the tasks even faster!

Open Portkey Portmanteaus when you have the chance

The special 7KM Portmanteaus pop up on the map while you're walking around just like any other Portmanteau in the game, which means, if you have eight Portmanteaus or Portkey sitting in your inventory, you won't have a chance to grab any of the special ones. Make sure you don't miss out on any of the 7KM Portmanteaus by having a full inventory of unopened Portkeys.

Use Brilliant Runestones in Wizarding Challenges

As you return Foundable fragments to the special Brilliant Event Registry page, you'll earn Family XP (like any other Registry page) which will earn you Treasure Trunks when you rank up. These treasure trunks will have special Brilliant Runestones that you can use in Wizarding Challenges.

What Runestones do in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Make sure you use these Runestones to enter battles in Fortresses, it will be the only way to earn some event rewards and complete your Brilliant Registry page!

Low level Wizarding Challenges will save you time and resources

To find all the Foundables during the Fantatsic Flora and Fauna Event, you'll need to compete in Wizarding Challenges using Brilliant Runestones. Its a good idea to use these Runestones (which are only level one) on low-level chambers. This way you can collect the Foundable Fragments you need quicker and use less resources. No need to waste a bunch of potions if you can find the Foundables in low level chambers!

Anything about the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event we missed?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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