Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fantastic Flora & Fauna event — Tips, Tricks, and Full Guide

Brilliant Forbidden Forest Foundables and where to find them.

Hagrid has tasked you with returning Foundables back to the Forbidden Forest, which means there are new Foundables to be found during the Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event! Some of them will pop up on the map (just like other traces) as special looking symbols like you see above! Others you'll need to battle in Wizarding Challenges, unlock completing tasks, or unlock special 7KM Portmanteaus.

Here are all the Brilliant Forbidden Forest Foundables you can find during the event, including how many fragments you need to place the image in your Registry, and where you can find those fragments!

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FoundableFragments requiredWhere to find
Brilliant Unicorn12 fragmentsTraces on map
Brilliant Buckbeak10 fragmentsTraces on map
Brilliant Acromantula3 fragmentsWizarding Challenges w/ Brilliant Runestone
Brilliant Snargaluff3 fragments7KM Pormanteaus
Brilliant Tree Stump1 fragmentsComplete all Flora and Fauna II tasks
Brilliant Salamander1 fragmentsComplete all Flora and Fauna IV tasks

Special Portmanteaus

Harry Potter Wizards Unite portkeys

Harry Potter Wizards Unite portkeys (Image credit: iMore)

During the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event you will come across special Portkey Portmanteaus that will unlock after you walk 7KM, rather than the standard 2KM, 5Km, or 10KM you typically find. These Portkey Portmanteaus are one of the ways you can unlock more Brilliant fragments, so do your absolute best to pick these up and unlock them during the event!

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