Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Tips and tricks for January 2020

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Obviously, you should play the game as much as possible if you want to level up quickly and explore the entire world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; however, some days you may not be as lucky, and won't have the time to get out and walk around.

The good news is the game gives you a daily bonus every day you load up the game, so at the very least, even if you can't play the game, you should load the game every day to earn XP, gold, ingredients, potions, and more goodies!

Complete daily tasks

The daily assignments may seem like a chore to do but they will help you level up and get those all-important potions and ingredients faster. There are four types of assignments in Wizards Unite — daily assignments, special assignments, achievements, and SOS assignments — and they can be found in the lower right corner of the world map screen.

By concentrating on completing these assignments you can add a lot of XP to your daily pool. They can also give you 10-15 gold a day which can be used to purchase items in Diagon Alley, as well as some extra potions to help you succeed. The daily assignments reset, you guessed it, daily, but the rest of them are ongoing and offer greater rewards when you complete them.

Fastest ways to level up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Get the traces with beams of light

Harry Potter Wizards Unite High Value (Image credit: iMore)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Combat Vampire (Image credit: iMore)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Combat Vampire Win (Image credit: iMore)

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Keep your eyes peeled for a beam of light shooting up from the Traces you see in the world, these are high-risk Foundables, and as such are worthy of your time. High risk always means high reward and to finish out your registry you will need to find as many rare Foundables as possible.

The color of the beam of light coming from the Trace is also important, as it represents the difficulty. If it's yellow, that Foundable will be moderately hard to retrieve. Alternatively, if the beam of light is red that means it the Foundable will be extremely difficult to release. Remember to use Exstimulo Potions to help you conquer difficult Confoundables.

Use a Tonic for Trace Detection if you're not getting spawns

Are you struggling to find Traces? Fortunately, there's the Tonic for Trace Detection. This pink drink acts like your own private Dark Detector, so it will increase the appearance of Traces for you for 30 minutes. The spawns that this brings up are only seen by you and no one else, so friends won't be able to benefit from it, unlike a Dark Detector.

Play at night to find Oddities

Oddities are some of the rarest and most difficult Foundables to find and you can only find them at night, so make sure you playing in the evening (between the hours of 8 PM - 8 AM your local time) to ensure you're finding Oddities.

Oddities work a little differently than normal Foundables, you actually have to battle them just like a Wizarding Challenge, so make sure you have Healing potions, Exstimulo potions and a good amount of Spell Energy before you take them on!

Speaking of Oddities, there are certain ones that appear at specific times, or certain biomes. For example, Doxies will only appear around dawn, Vampires at night, and Werewolves during full moons. The Horned Serpent also seems to spawn in areas that receive heavy rainfall.

How to find Oddities in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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