Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Tips and tricks for January 2020

Keep stocked up on Spell Energy

You need Spell Energy to do almost everything in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and, unless you buy more, your capacity maxes out at 75. Do your best to visit Inns and Greenhouses as much as possible when you're walking around to ensure you never run out of Spell Energy. Also make sure you have several in game friends and that you're opening gifts from your friends every day! Not all gifts will have spell energy but many do.

This is especially important for Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses because they use a lot of Spell Energy to complete. Fortresses are tough, with multiple battles inside, and if you aren't able to complete them you'll have to forfeit, thereby losing your runestone, or having to pay 100 gold to grab 50 energy. Gold is scarce and you really don't want to waste it on energy.

Fastest and cheapest ways to get Spell Energy Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Different color Inns can offer better Spell Energy

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortress

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortress (Image credit: iMore)

Not all innkeepers in Wizards Unite are as generous as others. Sure, they all agreed to feed you for free, but some only offer jellybeans and soy sauce. It's important that if you do find an Inn that offers turkey dinners you use it as much as possible.

When you first enter an Inn the dishes open briefly, allowing you to see what they have to offer. Any time you see an Inn with three or more turkey dinners, spend a little time there finding Traces and stockpiling your energy. Each turkey dinner gives you 10 spell energy, so instead of running around looking for Inns that may or may not offer something good, stay put and reap the harvest.

Each Inn takes five minutes to cook new food, so remember to set an alarm so you can harvest them as efficiently as possible.

Lastly, keep an eye out for the smoke on Inns and Flags on Greenhouses. If you see either of those things, it means you have already visited them and they aren't ready to be used again. As soon as the smoke clears and the flags lower you are clear to go.

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Always pick up at least one ingredient every day

One of the daily tasks that you need to do is pick up a single ingredient or Portkey Portmanteau on the map, and even if you don't play a lot, doing this will always gaurantee you 10 Spell Energy every day. It's super easy to complete the task, and boom, 10 free energy! So even if you live in a rural area, doing at least this single task every day will get you a nice amount of energy. Save it up and then you'll be ready to play for the next big event, since you can go over your energy alotment when getting it as rewards.

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