How to Buy your HomePod in the U.S.

Apple's HomePod speaker has a release date! You'll be able to get your hands on it starting February 9, and you can place an order now. Just as originally announced in June 2017, HomePod will cost $349 at launch. You'll also need an iOS device running iOS 11.2.5, which includes support for HomePod, in order to set the smart speaker up.

So if you're excited to try Apple's latest piece of hardware, here's how you can go about getting it in the United States.

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What model should I get?

The good news with HomePod is that this decision is simpler than with most other Apple products. Currently, you only need to decide on the color, and there are only two of them: Space Gray or White. As far as we know, both ship at the same time.

Should I get my HomePod mailed to me or pick it up in store?

This answer partially depends on what you prefer more: having a new piece of technology as soon as humanly possible, or staying home/avoiding human interaction. Both are equally valid, so this is a decision you'll need to make yourself.

It's also going to depend on availability. We don't know what demand for HomePod will be just yet. If you want your HomePod as soon as possible, order it online and set it for in-store pickup. If that's not an option, and you still want it on launch day, you can try heading over to your nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Reseller and seeing if they have HomePod in stock.

Of course, if you'd rather have your HomePod delivered to you, you can always just order it online and know that it should arrive on your doorstep in a few weeks' time.

Best way to buy: Apple Store app

The Apple Store app is probably the fastest way to order any Apple product, with a purchase possible in just a few taps. It also lets you order using Apple Pay, or you can set up a card beforehand in the app to be ready to go when it comes time to check out.

For many products, you can also mark a particular model as a favorite, making it even easier to get to and order so you don't have to worry about digging through layers of menus. While HomePod hasn't yet appeared in the app, we'll have to wait and see if it pops up ahead of the start of pre-orders on January 26.

You can grab the Apple Store app from the App Store.

If you want to use a computer:

If you'd rather order from your Mac or PC, know that provides a similar experience to ordering from the app. You can use both Apple Pay or stored credit card information to make your purchase, you can mark something as a favorite for quicker ordering, and everything can be done with a few clicks if you've got your information entered ahead of time.

Check the big box retailers

While other big box retailers haven't announced HomePod plans, Apple has already said that, in addition to Apple Retail stores, HomePod will be available at Apple Authorized Resellers in the U.S., calling out Best Buy specifically. Since it's at least somewhat likely that you live closer to a big box retailer than an Apple Store, you might even want to check those stores first if you want a HomePod on launch day.

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If you've got any questions about ordering your HomePod, let us know in the comments.

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