Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Wizarding Challenge Tips & Tricks

How to get a critical hit in a Wizarding Challenge

Critical hits, or in Wizards Unite: Critical Casts, hit for extra damage against an enemy. Successfully achieving a Critical Cast relies on a few crucial details.

Your gesture accuracy when casting one is important. When your spell gesture trace appears on screen, make sure you trace over the red dot within the spell. This increases your chance to succeed in a Critical Cast.

Succeeding in casting a Critical Cast relies on gesture accuracy, but the chances of you being able to cast a Critical Cast relies on your spells' effects, and your Profession buffs determine damages in your Skill Tree.

Your Precision buff determines critical Cast chance percentage. The higher your Precision stats, the more likely you are to have the opportunity to perform a Critical Cast. Your Profession's Critical Power buff also increases the amount of damage your opponent takes when you successfully cast a Critical Cast.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortress Critical Cast skill buff

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortress Critical Cast skill buff (Image credit: iMore)

Different Profession Skills are used to increase player stats for Precision and Critical Power.

For example, the Professor Profession Skill Binns Mode increases your Precision stats by 5%. Higher Precision stats increase your chances of making a Critical Cast. Light Reading increases the damaged done with a successful Critical Cast by 50%

When building your Skill Tree, be sure to take note of where Precision and Critical Power stat increases are to improve your chances of getting a Critical Cast and inflicting higher damage.

What are glowing Fortresses

From time to time, you will see a glowing mist hovering over a Fortress. This means another player is either currently engaged in a Wizarding Challenge or has recently completed one. If you happen to notice someone playing Wizards Unite nearby, you could become friends and battle together for higher rewards.

Questions about Wizarding Challenges?

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