How to find out EVERYTHING that's new on Netflix!

Sometimes I just want something new to watch on Netflix and it's frustrating trying to find it in the apps or on the official website. While Netflix does provide a list of New Releases/Arrivals (current content) and Recently Added (catalog content), it's often outdated and represents only a fraction of the actual movies and TV shows hitting the service. What's needed is a simple, reverse-chronological list of everything that's available, as it becomes available. Luckily, the web provides for just exactly that!

MoreFlicks lists a lot of stuff for a lot of services, though in a more complex manner. Andy Ihnatko, my co-host on MacBreak Weekly, also recommends Instant Watch which provides similar information if you're in the U.S. (Sadly, I've not found anything for other regions yet, any ideas?)

Give them a go and let me know what you find, and what you recommend!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Wow! I was feeling the same way today! Thanks for the recommendation. I wanted something to watch before Seahawks and 49 Ers game. Go Seattle! Thanks for the info. Sent from the iMore App
  • Perfect! Subscribed to their RSS feed via Feedly.
  • I started watching the Green Lantern Animated Series (only one, short season) and then dove into Covert Affairs.
  • New UK content can be found at this website: a companion website for the excellent twitter account @newonnetflixuk
  • Nice! Added! Thank you!
  • Wow, they have Attack on Titan? Nice. Sent from the iMore App
  • Is Attack on Titan really that good? I've been hearing a lot about it lately. I haven't had the chance to check it out since I'm not sure I want myself getting hooked on another anime at the moment.
  • Take it from me, someone who hasn't really had the time nor interest in getting back into Anime. I highly recommend it. There are only 25 episodes at the moment, but the story is so compelling and always ends with a cliffhanger dragging you back for more. Great action and writing, it blew me away. Sent from the iMore App
  • Awesome! I just might have to take you up on that. Question. What do you recommend I get into first, the manga or the anime? And storywise, how far is the manga ahead from the anime?
    (Off topic, really sorry)
  • The Anime stops at Ep. 25 and the Manga is currently churning chapters out. I personally don't like to read manga, but if you wanna get more ahead, you have to in AoT's case. Sent from the iMore App
  • Got it. I'll start with the anime first. Then once I'm done with ep25, I'll jump to manga while waiting for more episodes for the anime. Thank you very much, WPSteve!
  • You could always use as well.
  • Brilliant, adding, thanks!
  • Mr. Ritchie have u been having a netflix marathon. Sent from the iMore App
  • Depressing looking at the US netflix against the offering we have here in the UK. I know Hola unblocker and similar is available, but the only way I can watch on my TV is through chromecast and there is no way of getting around it. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • There's this one too,
  • I got annoyed about this so I built my own site to do it I have a few regions done and will be adding more just as fast as I can, really simple interface with a focus on speed. If you've got any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
  • Hi Adam Love your site, but like every other Netflix search site, two contries are missing. Your's are missing: Argentina and Netherland Which is quite a bommer. Ex. The Netherlands is the only country streaming: Back to the Future I & II. Can you add these countries in the near future? snowatom
  • This is so cool! I was actually about to make a site pretty much like that myself. It's missing a few things though: - The Netherlands (seems that some titles appear with dutch titles, but no flag?)
    - Argentina?
    - Dates to show when a country/title has been updated.
    - Contact information :)
    - Dates on the newsfeed It currently seems pretty updated with US and Canada, but I have found some titles that doesn't seem to be available anymore in the nordic countries. How long does it take to update an entire country? Feature requests:
    - User creation and ability to make collections
    - Link with iMDB (if possible) to show rating (value/users), year and ability to filter
    - Date added, and a feed with new releases
    - Maybe grouping of identical movies, if it can be done in a sane way (maybe showing different runtimes if it's different versions)
  • Another feature request: - Report or rating system, so people can at least report is a title is no longer available. These could be reset, if script finds them to be available again. E.g. "Pirate Radio" is no longer available in Canada.
    - Fix the link to movies. It doesn't work :) I'm wondering what titles in the US makes up for the nearly 15k - 4-5 times more than most other regions. I have checked a large amount of random popular movies, and with my statistics there are no more popular movies in US region than any of the others, but the selection is just different. How do you get a complete list of the movies available, after they have shut down the api? Do you mind sharing the script you use to gather this? I have experimented with wget, but not been able to successfully login :(
  • added a number of new regions recently (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, etc.)
  • Don't forget they do weekly roundups of the best of the new stuff too!
  • what about
    unofficial netflix online global search
    allows you to easily search by all countries or select what countries you want to search by!