The Apple Store is not known for having frequent sales or opportunities to get discounts on their products. However, there are some ways that you can save some money if you're in the know, which might be on your mind considering all the new products Apple is set to release.

Black Friday deals

Though Black Friday isn't nearly as big a deal at Apple as it is at other retailers, Apple often has some kind of offer going on the biggest retail day of the year. Last year, Apple gave free Apple gift cards with purchase of certain big ticket items. There's no way to know if Apple will continue doing this, but if you're considering a large Apple purchase in the fall, it might be worth waiting to see.

Apple Gift Cards

Speaking of gift cards, there are stores that sell gift cards at a discount or where you can get store rewards for buying gift cards. Giant Eagle, for example, sells Apple gift cards and give you rewards toward free gasoline at their GetGo gas stations with purchase. It might be more hassle to you than it's worth, but it is a way to save money. I did this before purchasing a MacBook Pro and I got a free tank of gas out of it.

College students

College students get discounts on computers, iPad Pros, Apple Music, and Apple Pencils all year round. If you are a college student, you can shop either in the store or online through the Shop for College portal, found at the bottom of Apple's website. The discount is not percentage-based, rather, it will be different for each item. Shopping through this portal discounts the items automatically, it does not show original pricing. When shopping in the brick and mortar store, you will need a college ID or some other proof of attendance as well as a valid driver's license.

Note: During Back to School season, Apple has traditionally done additional promotions. Currently, there's a free pair of Beats headphones with purchase of a computer or iPad Pro plus 20 percent off AppleCare on top of the education discount.

Teachers and educators

All teachers and educators at any level from preschool to graduate school are eligible for the exact same discounts and deals as college students as described above. You'll need to bring in proof of employment such as a teacher ID badge or pay stub. Your school will also need to be listed in Apple's system in order for the specialist to be able to apply your discount. In addition, if you're buying Apple products for your school, you can get a tax exemption.

Tax Exemption

If you work for a school, charity, place of worship, or other tax-exempt institution and are buying Apple products for your workplace, you can be exempted from paying sales tax. You'll need to bring in all of the paperwork from your workplace that proves your tax-exempt status. This will be in addition to any discounts you receive.

Company discounts

Many companies have a relationship with Apple and their employees can get a discount at the Apple Store when buying items for their own personal use. If you work for a fairly large company, ask your HR person if you're eligible for Apple discounts. If so, you'll just need to bring documentation such a work ID badge or business card and ask your specialist to apply the discount.

Business owners

If you own a business, you'll want to meet with Apple's business team. You can ask anyone in the store to get you an introduction, or you can click on the Shop for Business link at the bottom of Apple's website. As a business owner, you will be eligible for discounts once you reach a certain spending threshold. You are also able to arrange financing and leasing through the business team. If you're buying Apple products for the whole company, your savings could be substantial. There are many other benefits to connecting with Apple's business team, so definitely make a point of doing so if you own any kind of company.

Random promotions

From time to time, Apple will have a sale on certain accessories, such as Beats headphones. While these special prices will be on Apple's website, they are not otherwise advertised and there won't be signage in the Apple Store. Sometimes you just get lucky; the discount will just pop up when you're ringing out.

How do you get deals at Apple?

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions, or if you've gotten some great discounts on Apple products at the Apple Store.

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