How Long Does the Battery Last on the Fitbit Zip?

How Long Does the Battery Last on the Fitbit Zip?

Best answer: The Fitbit Zip takes a standard watch battery and Fitbit claims it will last 6 months with average usage.Amazon: Fitbit Zip ($80)Fitbit: Fitbit Zip ($60)Amazon: CR2032 Battery ($5)

What is the Fitbit Zip?

The Fitbit Zip is about the most basic Fitbit you can get. It came out a few years ago and is essentially a tiny fitness tracker that you can carry discreetly almost anywhere on your person. It's about an inch long, 1.4" tall and less than half an inch thick and comes with a silicon clip so you can hide it virtually anywhere.

There's a touch screen on the front but it's only designed to be operated with taps. Tap once to move between screens to see all your relevant fitness information. The Zip tracks things like your steps taken, distance moved and calories burned throughout the day. It also displays the time so you don't lose track of your day.

The best part about the Zip is that it can sync up wirelessly to your computer or smartphone and transfer all the data it tracks and when paired with the Fitbit app it syncs up quite nicely with your fitness profile. The Fitbit app is a pretty robust and great way to track your fitness goals. If you haven't explored it much, the Zip is a great way to get started.

Long story short, if you need a basic pedometer to track your runs and movement throughout the day, the Zip is the guy for you. It's pretty robust for the price.

When do I have to recharge it?

Never. The Zip uses a standard CR2032 watch battery which lasts about 6 months with regular use so you you never have to worry about charging the thing. Those batteries are also super cheap so don't worry about spending too much money on them.

Jason Cockerham