How to prepare your HomePod for sale

So you've had your HomePod long enough, and now you've decided its not for you. It's OK. No one is judging you. Before you put your Siri-supported smart speaker on the market, there are a couple of things you should do to get it ready for sale.

Clean your HomePod

No one wants to buy a dirty, dusty, covered-in-fingerprints HomePod. Though they're getting it used, they still want the pretenses of something new. If your HomePod has shown its age, try to give it a bit of special attention before boxing it up.

Just like Apple's iPhone and iPad, you should never use window cleaners, solvents, or even compressed air to clean your HomePod. A dry cloth is ideal. A damp cloth is OK if necessary, but don't wet it too much. Basically, keep liquids away from the HomePod as much as possible, even when cleaning.

How to clean your HomePod

Reset your HomePod

Don't let HomePod's minimalist look trick you. Though it is mainly a speaker, it also houses a smart assistant that you don't want to give others access to. The good news is that, as soon as you disconnect the HomePod from your iPhone or iPad, it resets it so personal data isn't carried over to the next person. You can reset your HomePod from the Home app on your iPhone or directly by pressing and holding the touch panel after unplugging it for five seconds.

How to reset your HomePod

Find the original box

Not everyone is a box hoarder, but for certain things, you should be. When you sell a used bit of technology, wether its a phone or a tablet or a TV set, you'll always get a bit higher of a bid if you include the original box and all of the original content that came with it (including that cute Apple sticker).

I don't know how long this trend will last, but there are people actually selling (and buying) empty HomePod boxes on eBay, so your recyclable cardboard could be worth something.

If you still have the original packaging, including the instructions and sticker that came with it, dig it out of your closet. Even better: if you picked up your HomePod from an Apple retail store and still have the shopping bag it came in, throw that in with the purchase price, too.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about how to prepare your HomePod for sale? Put them in the comments and I'll help you out.

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