How to remove Apple Music entirely from iTunes

iTunes on the Mac
iTunes on the Mac (Image credit: iMore)

Whether you're not a fan of Apple Music or you'd just prefer to keep the service off your Mac, you can remove it from iTunes simply by checking a box—the Restrictions box, to be exact.

Note: This won't unsubscribe you to Apple Music; all we're doing here is removing the service from iTunes on your Mac. If you wish to stop paying for it as well, here's a how to unsubscribe.

How to remove the For You and New tabs

If you don't want to see Apple Music's subscription-based catalog but still want access to Beats 1 and Connect, here's what to do.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Go to the iTunes menu and select Preferences.
  3. Under the General tab, uncheck the box labeled Show Apple Music.

This will remove the For You and New tabs from your toolbar. Any songs you've added from Apple Music, however, will remain in your library.

How to hide any iCloud-stored songs in your iTunes library

Whether you want to make sure your music collection is stored locally, don't want to incur data fees from your internet provider, or would prefer that songs in iCloud Music Library didn't show up on your Mac, you can hide those tracks with a click of a menu item.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Go to the View menu.
  3. Select Only Downloaded Music to just see your local music files.

How to remove Apple Music entirely from iTunes

Fed up with Apple Music categories on your Mac? You can remove the service's various buttons entirely with little hassle on your part.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Go to the iTunes menu and select Preferences.
  3. Under the Restrictions tab, check the boxes labeled Apple Music and Connect.

Once you press OK, all Apple Music-related tabs, including Radio, will disappear from iTunes. If you'd also like to only see your local music, you can also combine this step with the previous how-to to hide anything that hasn't been locally downloaded to your computer.


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  • Dude, really?! Sent from the iMore App
  • I'll be on it when I get home, thanks for this. At least, you can always opt back in, right?
  • Already did this a long time ago. It's good that iMore is aware that this is something a lot of people want. Now if only there was a way to get rid of the advertisements and to remove Apple Music from the iOS app as well.
  • Muchas Gracias Amigos! Ya should do more iTunes how to's. I consider iTunes a terrific syncing software. The best out there for that purpose ATM.
  • Are you on drugs?! iTunes is a mess on the desktop. Sent from the iMore App
  • iTunes can "be a mess" and still be, "the best out there for the purpose."
  • Not at this moment. I only use iTunes to manage my local music collection and sync to my iPhone. It does that phenomenally well for me. It keeps my music organized inside the software and outside in my folders. I wish they'd update the UI to make it more pleasant to look at a la Zune. But other than that, I have no qualms with it. I'm sure people subscribed to Apple Music have lots of issues (most of which I had while I subscribed to Xbox Music), but I'm not and will not. So, that will not affect me whatsoever.
  • Hello iMore. Seren. Please go by Seren from now on.. ehem Rene. We has Ren + Ren +.. never mind. Thank you for your, oh ****, love of not just Apple, but for the love of Apple uses trying to figure out WT ****. Note to Rene who loves to collect Macs he's actually owned and use.. I has a classic. and far to many models since that still work and I love thems. I'm missing the wart imac and first berry whatever color from my collection. I'm sorry you guys get some much grief from what used to be a collection of pirates. Sign of the times. While some, alot of folks give you no end of **** for being Apple shills.. hey.. this is an Apple part of the program here folks. And I don't see you as shills. Your informative. thoughtfull. opps.. I'm shilling. I get a lot of great tid bits of stuff that helps me help other in my life I happen to love. Me.. go ahead and lagh. I'm writing this on a 2005 1st gen intel imac. I'm safe, I don't keep any important info on it at all. I would be writing this on my 1st gen 20" screen G5 imac.. but Apple had issues.. bad capacitors. which Apple relaced my mobo twice, as I had a great extended warrenty plan from them, in those days. Replaced the out of warrenty caps with..a search.. Better ones. It's the only mac I hace since woohoo way back when that I've, sadly, said good by too. Shes still my baby. The graphics unit can still be replcaed.. but it's a matter of buying the soldier/desoldier tool.. and it costs a lot. Still. I can't bare the though that I could bring her back to life. but don't. Hurts me. See. I'm an old school Apple fan. I love what they've done for me and my life. I'm sick of these kiddies saying what would Steve Jobs do, when clearly they never lived through the pain, and love, us old Apple users know. Steve hand picked Tim. period. Because, TIM, made Apple a world wide company. Something Steve dreamed of. But no one seems to respect that now. None of these Apple users remember nothing about nothing, so I take it all with a grain of salt. All the old sites are mostly dead, gone, in their passing is a mess of children crying cause their milk isn't a perfect. Or someone neglected changing their diaper on time. So you, iMore get screamed at. constantly. I'm amazed you don't go DOOM on most of the idiots. Yes. I go off too. I don't own this company, but I feel, as a long time proponent, a sense of ownership. That's my very BAD. I'll end this by saying. I might give you **** every now and agian iMore, Rene, Seren... not because I hate you or anything you write precieved as an Apple shill, but because I feel the old school love of Apple, and I'm glad to have someone to ***** too that cares as much as I do, and I see many others do as well. Fly that Apple flag iMore. That flag. the first one. you've earned it.
  • AppleMusic is a mess. I subscribed during the free period and found that it changed the metadata of my local files to whatever Apple had on their servers. It changed original artwork for Greatest Hits and Hits Collections (Now That's . . .). It erased all my custom changes as well (eg. one of the STUPIDEST decisions Apple made was to list artists by first name. That completely goes against convention and makes it hard to find songs. They can list by last name in contacts so why not iTunes!). Anyway, I turned off AppleMusic in October and I'm still cleaning up the mess in my 50,000 song collection. I don't see migrating to all cloud anytime soon.
  • ahem bull ahem crhap cough cough. These option dont appear or work on itunes pc. Like Kanye West eloquently said to sway .... YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS Ive reset itunes, deleletd it, re installed it, deleted all the folders. done the remove option in restrictions but some how it shows the Apple music that i no longer have access to still. I have a library full of my own music that i like via the imatch service and doing what you suggest actaully gets rid of those songs too. I dont have all the songs from my imatch account on my pc because duhhh thats the point of using the cloud so these suggestions are pretty retarded. Do you have the answer for PC users or not? tr... Imore harder (see what i did there lol)