How to Buy your HomePod in Canada

HomePod is Apple's Siri-controlled speaker. Think of it as AirPods for your living room. Or kitchen. Or den. You get the idea. Just plug it in, tap your iPhone to it, and it's set up and ready to do everything from streaming Apple Music to controlling all your HomeKit gear. And, yes, sigh, setting all the timers.

But while Apple has announced HomePod availability for several countries, and a couple more to come, the company hasn't yet said anything about HomePod in Canada.

So what's the deal?

Can you order a HomePod in Canada?

Not yet. Apple is launching HomePod in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia first. You'll be able to order it in those countries starting January 26 or pick it up in stores starting February 9.

This spring, HomePod will also be made available in France and Germany.

When will you be able to order a HomePod in Canada?

Apple hasn't said. (Though it might already be in testing.) With both English and French support available by spring, it's not hard to imagine it'll come to Canada sooner rather than later.

What if I really, really want one in Canada now, now, now?

Then you have a couple of options:

  1. You can have a friend in the U.S., the U.K., or Australia order you one starting on January 26 and ship it to you when they get it. (Obviously, the U.S. is closest and, likely, cheapest for shipping.)
  2. You can travel to the U.S., the U.K., or Australia and buy one yourself, starting February 9. (Obviously, the U.S. is also closest for that.)

Will a U.S. HomePod work in Canada?

We don't know. It's possible it'll work just fine, only give you U.S. and similar off-region content. It's also possible it won't work at all — that it won't even recognize a non-U.S. Apple ID or Apple Music subscription.

No doubt some people will take the risk, buy an U.S., U.K., or Australian HomePod, and try using it in Canada. Once that starts happening, we'll all find out.

What can you use instead of a HomePod in Canada while you're waiting?

Apple TV

Apple TV (Image credit: iMore)

While you're waiting for HomePod, there are a few things you can make do with instead.

  • Apple TV: It's hooked into Apple Music, it has Siri control, and it'll work as a remote hub for HomeKit. It'll also play through your TV or attached audio system.
  • iPad: It runs Apple Music, it has Hey Siri, it'll work as a remote hub for your HomeKit accessories, and if the built-in speakers aren't enough, it can AirPlay or 3.5mm out to dedicated speakers.

If you're willing to go outside the Apple ecosystem, you can also check out:

  • Sonos: It's a wireless speaker with mesh networking that supports Apple Music, and Sonos One even has voice control.
  • Google Home: While the Google Home Max isn't available in Canada yet either, you can get the smaller, less speaker-riffic Google Home or Google Home and Assistant.
  • Amazon Echo: It took a long time to get here, but Amazon Echo is available in Canada now. It's also not a speaker first, but it has Alexa so you can talk away.

How can you find out when HomePod will be available in Canada?

Keep it locked to iMore. We'll let you know the minute there's anything to know.

Any HomePod in Canada questions?

If you have any questions about HomePod in Canada, drop them in the comments below!

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