We get a lot of questions about tweaking Jailbroken iPhones, so here are a few handy tools that are free and don't require a lot of know-how in order to implement.  All you need is a bit of spare time to change your Jailbroken iPhone from stock to stunning!


First up is FontSwap, which allows you to change the system fonts on your iPhone. It can be found in Rock and Cydia for free.

On the main page of FontSwap you can choose to change fonts on different parts of your phone. There are certain times I have the Lock Clock font set different than the system wide fonts, and that's okay too. Whatever suits you.

I always get a lot of requests for the font I use.  It's call Simpsons font and it's available for free in Cydia and Rock.  FontSwap will come with a few default fonts to choose from, but you can download lots more for free.  Just go into Cydia or Rock and search for fontswap.  You'll get tons of new fonts you can browse and download.  Once you download them, they'll automatically go into FontSwap for you to apply.

Chat Bubbles

Another tweak I enjoy using is changing chat bubble colors.  This can be done one of two ways.  You can either make your own chat theme or you can search Rock and Cydia for "sms bubbles" and "sms balloons" and apply them via Winterboard.  There aren't a lot to choose from but making your own is pretty easy.  DeviantArt and forums like modmyi.com have a ton of users that post up chat bubbles and balloon templates you can use for your own personal use.

iBlank and BlankNull

Our last tweak for today is iBlank.  If you're jailbroken and anything like me, you want to actually see your background.  I accomplish this with iBlank.  It basically produces blank icons for you that allow you to move them around like you would apps in order to see your backgrounds.

I also installed a free app from Cydia called "BlankNull" as well.  This way, your blank icons become unclickable.  Pretty neat, eh?  I frequently reorder icons in L shapes, just along the bottom, or on a side depending on what part of a picture I want to see.  iBlank makes it really easy.

Have any cool apps you use to tweak out your jailbroken iPhone? Let us know and maybe we'll include those next time!