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Cricut machines are a crafter's delight, cutting various materials into precision shapes that you can use for a variety of projects. Cricut's software, Design Space, has hundreds of thousands of images you can use for your Cricut projects. But you can also create your own images or use images you've found on the internet. You'll need to upload them into Design Space to use them with your Cricut. Without further ado, let's get started!

What you need

How to upload designs

In this article, I'll be focusing on the Cricut Joy, the smallest and simplest Cricut machine, but the instructions will work for any Cricut machine. Before we jump in, please note that you can use .jmp, .gif, .png, .bmp, .svg, or .dxf files, but I'll focus on .svg files because they are the easiest to work with.

  1. Make or find an .svg file you wish to use.
  2. Go to Cricut's Design Space. You can use it on the web, or follow the prompts to download the app on your computer. You can also use the iOS app on your iPhone if you prefer, but I find the computer's larger screen size easier to use.
  3. Select "New Project."
  4. Click "Upload."

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  5. Either drag and drop your file into Design Space or click "Browse" to find the image on your computer.
  6. Give the file a name and add tags, if desired

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  7. Click "Save." That's it! Your file is ready to use.

Now the internet is yours to cut on your Cricut machine! As I mentioned above, you can use many other kinds of files. If you choose a .jmp, .gif, .png, or .bmp file, but you'll need to do a bit of cleaning up in Design Space, such as defining the cut lines and removing the background elements.

Additionally, you can use a .dxf file, but only on your computer, not the iOS app. When you're starting, you're betting off searching for .svg files. They are the easiest to use with Cricut.

The equipment you'll need

Cricut Joy is the simplest machine that Cricut makes. It's designed for quick and easy projects like decals, greeting cards, labels, iron-on, and Infusible Ink projects.

The cutting machine

Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy

Craft time

Cricut Joy is the most portable and easiest to use of the Cricut machines. Arts, crafts, and cards are made easy and you can always add the personal touch to any gift with this little machine.

The software

Cricut Design Space For Mac Screenshot

Cricut Design Space

Design time

Cricut's own software is the only way to operate Cricut machines. This is a do-it-all space for all of your crafting needs from cards to cutouts. It's a must-have.

Cricut Joy is a fantastic machine for beginning crafters, as well as seasoned crafters who want a secondary or portable machine. Cricut's software, Design Space, can be downloaded on your Mac directly from Cricut's website.

Another option

If you prefer to use your iPhone or iPad, you can certainly do so with Cricut's app.

If you prefer an iOS app

Cricut Design Space App Logo Render Cropped

Cricut Design Space

The iOS app has most of the same functionality as the website, though the smaller screen can make it a bit more challenging to use.

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