HP reminds us it'll keep making Beats Audio PCs for a while yet

Apple acquiring Beats is the hot topic right now, but HP is having its say, and doesn't want you to forget that you'll still be buying Beats Audio enabled PCs from them for a while to come. HP's agreement with Beats ultimately continues through 2015, with the details outlined in an email to CNET:

HP is allowed to continue developing products with new Beats Audio technologies through 2014. But it's allowed to continue selling devices with the Beats Audio logo and technology through 2015. HP says it's planning an aggressive lineup of new products that includes the Beats branding through 2014.

If HP wasn't actually planning aggressive marketing of Beats in its products, then Apple just gave plenty of reason to go nuts. With the deal not closing until Q4 of this year there's plenty more talking to be done about Beats, so why not ride that wave as far as it'll go?

Source: CNET

Richard Devine

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