VoIP over 3G apps for iPhone are now beginning to show up in the iTunes App Store. After AT&T said they would allow VoIP over 3G, all that remained was for Apple to follow through with an amended SDK, and that happened with iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad.

So far iCall Free VoIP [Free - iTunes link] and Fring [Free - iTunes link]

We're not seeing the new version of Fring in our update queue yet, so it might be taking a while to propagate. We're also not seeing the monster in the space, Skype over 3G yet, but we're willing to bet that's incoming.

We're also happy to see that the iPad is indeed pushing things along for the iPhone as well, and we're wondering if this means we'll have VoIP over 3G to go along with those new AT&T iPad data plans they announced yesterday?

If you try out VoIP over 3G on your iPhone let us know how it works for you!

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