iCarta 2 toilet paper holder boasts Bluetooth stereo

Behold, the future of pooping. The iCarta 2 brings the joy of stereo music to your daily ablutions thanks to a dedicated iPhone dock that's connected to a handy toilet paper holder. Don't let the old 30-pin connector dissuade you; Bluetooth connectivity provides the utmost freedom of movement, so you can keep playing Angry Birds with big sound while also pinching a loaf. The iCarta 2 is powered by 4 AA batteries and has dedicated hardware power and volume keys. Just, uh, make sure to wipe those down regularly.

Of course, the iCarta 2 could be legitimately useful if your bathroom doesn't have a lot of space, but you want some tunes while taking a shower or brushing your teeth. Still, this is mainly for playing on your iPhone while you're dropping the kids off at the pool.

Connectedly is still in the early stages, but with stuff like this popping up, we're eager to explore the nascent connected bathroom industry. Fess up, who's actually interested in getting one of these things?


Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.