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The official iMore for iPhone app is here! You read that right! We've spent months working on this and we're incredibly happy to finally be able to share it with the iMore Nation! You've been asking for an iMore app for years but we knew we couldn't just slap the website between two layers of code and throw it into the store -- we had to make an experience that was fundamentally better than both the full iMore website and the mobile web view. And I think we've done just that!

Working with the stellar team at Nickelfish, including our very own Seth Clifford in the cockpit, the astonishing Tammy Corron in the engine room, and the dynamic duo of Justin Justin Marcucci and Dave Vioreanu behind the blaster cannons, just in case.

From the beginning we made a conscious decision NOT to try and shoehorn every possible feature and function into v1. Instead, we stripped it down to the most important things: the news, the reviews, the apps, the accessories, the how-tos, and the audio podcasts (pro tip: you can still watch the video podcasts via YouTube in the episode posts!). And then we worked our collective asses off to make a clean, crisp, consistent experience crafted specifically for those things.

Seth is going to write a post about the design and development process, so I won't steal his significant thunder here. (He's stuck on a plane right now, Apple literally approved the app the moment after he took off -- we should have tried that earlier!)

This is the beginning. But it's only the beginning.

What's next for iMore for iOS

New iPhone (iPhone 5,1) coming fall 2012 with LTE, similar sized screen

We're already planning the next version of iMore for iOS, and as the name foreshadows, the biggest priority will be delivering an insanely great Retina iPad interface. It. Will. Be. Done. We're also planning to integrate CoreData so recently read articles will cache, and you'll be able to Favorite articles to store locally. Adding share via iMessage is on the list, and so is "read later". We want to add a gesture shortcut to make navigating between stories faster, and we want to add search so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Commenting is also in the roadmap, but since we're also hard at work on a better commenting system for iMore, we're waiting for that before integrating it into the iMore app.

We tried hard to integrate the iMore forums as well, both as an embedded app and as a web extension to the iMore app but it just didn't work right. Instead of being convenient it was a bit of a collision. So ultimately we made the decision early on to split the iMore Forums out into a separate app. That's the bad news. The good news is that app is almost done now as well (I have the beta on my iPhone already!).

It's built on the Tapatalk engine -- which if you follow the greater Mobile Nations family of sites you may have already guessed, given that the Android Central Forums app and CrackBerry Forums app have already hit their respective worlds and markets.

The iMore Forums app will be out soon as well, so sit tight! There's lot's more to come!


Once you've downloaded and tried out the FREE iMore for iPhone app, we want to here what you think! We've started an official iMore for iPhone app feedback thread in the forums, so jump in there and let us have it! What do you love, what do you hate, what do you want to see in the next update?

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