What sets Apple apart from most of its competition is its level of customer service. No matter what goes wrong with your iPhone, iPad, or any Apple device, you can call in to AppleCare or go to an Apple Store, and most of the time come out with your problems solved. Apple's even doing online chat and, more recently, used @AppleSupport on Twitter for virtual support. The only thing Apple is still missing is on-device support: a Genius app for iPhone and iPad. But what if we could get one in iOS 11?

AppleCare everywhere

Apple already has the Tips app on iPhone and iPad, but its job is less support and more discovery. There's also a Bug Reporter app for people on the iOS public betas, but its job is to collect problems for future fixes, not help with fixing things immediately.

As mentioned, online chat is available through support.apple.com and @AppleSupport on Twitter, but there's nothing native to iPhone or iPad.

Some of Apple's competitors have offered on-device help, though the billion plus devices Apple has on the market makes scaling a challenge, and the quality of their real-world support makes meeting expectations one as well.

Still, if they could do it, it could be transformative.

Genius in a box

Anyone who runs into a problem while using their iPhone or iPad could go to the Genius app, search for the problem, and find an answer pulled and packaged from support.apple.com. If no answer is available, chat could be an option on-device, the same as it is online. So could screen sharing for especially tricky problems.

Notifications could be sent through the app in case of recalls, though, and Genius bar appointments made in the case of hardware problems that need to be taken in to be fixed.

There could be levels of service available, depending if you're on AppleCare or AppleCare+, with an option to renew at least partial coverage beyond the year or two currently afforded.

Tap for help

iPhone and iPad are among the most approachable, accessible computers ever made. Having extra help available for those who really need it, right on the Home screen, would make it even more approachable and accessible. That's why I'd love to see a Genius app as part of iOS 11. What about you?