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What you need to know

  • iOS 13.4 prevented some users from making FaceTime calls.
  • It only affected those calling older versions of iOS and macOS.
  • The iSO 13.4.1 release fixes everything.

Last week we reported that people using the newly released iOS 13.4 couldn't make FaceTime calls to people using devices with some versions of iOS and macOS installed. Thankfully, that's all fixed in iOS 13.4.1.

The release of iOS 13.4.1 brought with it a couple of bug fixes, but the one that will be best received relates to an issue preventing users of iOS 13.4 from FaceTime calling devices that had iOS 9.3.6 or macOS 10.11.6 or earlier installed. Those are likely to be old devices, so simply updating them isn't an option.

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iOS 13.4.1 Update ScreenSource: iMore

It also meant that people couldn't FaceTime loved ones during a global pandemic.

It didn't take Apple long to get the fix out, which is a good thing. It's also likely that this slipped through the net because it's a use case that is simply unlikely to crop up during beta testing.

You can download iOS 13.4.1 now and I suggest you do that even if you aren't experiencing these issues. There's no telling what else Apple fixed under the hood.

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