iPad 2 Jailbreak update -- still pending

Those of you waiting to Jailbreak your iPad 2... looks like you can keep waiting for now as, according to the Dev Team's updated this morning, the search for an exploit continues!

The iPad2 jailbreak remains under development. As you may know, the original exploit @comex developed in the first week of the iPad2 release was mysteriously fixed by Apple within days of its development. Partly because of this, don’t expect much public discussion of the iPad2 jailbreak until it’s actually finished and ready for release (and please avoid asking about it). In all liklihood, it will be a userland exploit like the first (unreleased) one, not dependent on bootrom dumps. The first one can’t be released even for those with the original 4.3 firmware due to legal (distribution) reasons.

Geohot has reportedly accepted p0xisninja's challenge to see who can be the first to dump the bootrom, so hopefully some progress is being made.

Speaking of which, MyGreatFest is trying to raise money to help bring p0sixninja over to the UK for the big show, so if you're looking for something to do while you wait on the iPad 2 Jailbreak, head on over and help them out!

[Dev Team]


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