Playboy for iPad will be an optimized website, no change to app store policy!

The "mystery" surrounding Hugh Hefner’s recent announcement that Playboy will be available on the iPad complete and uncensored has been solved and it's pretty much what we expected -- Web App.

The new site will go live on May 18 and will be available at (it currently returns a 404 page not found error but that will change as soon as it goes live). The iPad Playboy site will have a subscription charge of $8 a month for access to the fully uncensored content. It will also provide complete access to every previous issue of Playboy magazine.

We were reasonably sure that Playboy would not appear as an app due to Apple’s strict App Store content restrictions; but what do you think? Does it make a difference not having a Playboy app? Is an optimized site good enough if it’s done well? Should Apple allow you more choice with this type of content? Let us know in the comments!



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