Apple set to refresh iPads in March 2024, instead of 2023, says report

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There has been quite a lot of confusion over the arrival of new iPads of late. Previously, insider Mark Gurman had noted that they could arrive in 2023, followed by a recent rumor that said we could get them in October itself. However, it looks like we may not get them in 2023 at all.

Following the announcement of the new USB-C Apple Pencil last week, Mark Gurman, in his latest Power On newsletter, said that Apple is now looking to refresh its iPad lineups in March 2024. This also explains why it launched the new Apple Pencil at this odd time.

Apple plans to release "at least the more minor iPad refreshes" in March

Gurman noted that Apple isn't planning to launch new iPads until around next March. The new Pencil seems to be proof of that since Apple would have likely held that back for a possible event if it were to have it soon. As such, it would make sense that Apple is looking at a 2024 date, specifically in March, a month that has seen iPad launches before.

Gurman says the Pencil likely hints at a change in the Pencil lineup, which could be accompanied by a change in the iPad lineup as well. Gurman wrote, "I anticipate that Apple will eventually discontinue the first-generation Pencil and only offer low-end and high-end versions. But that may not happen until the low-end iPad with a Lightning connection is discontinued. After all, customers will probably want a Lightning Pencil to go with their Lightning iPad."

It's no secret that the iPad lineup is a bit of a mess right now, and Gurman says that may not be fixed soon. However, an iPad refresh is likely in March 2024, especially for the iPad Air, entry-level iPad, and iPad mini, if not the rumored revamped version of Apple's best iPad, the iPad Pro.

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  • naddy69
    "It's no secret that the iPad lineup is a bit of a mess right now".

    It is? Why? Seems just fine to me. We have the iPad (cheap), the iPad Air (more expensive than the iPad but way less than a Pro), the iPad Pro which is top of the line, and the Mini which is small yet powerful.

    Is the Mac lineup a bit of a mess? We have the Mini, the iMac, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.