iPad 10.2 256GB is its lowest price ever at Amazon

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Amazon is currently selling the iPad 10.2 range with some substantial discounts. The best saving is on the 256GB variant, with $80 off full price — it's now yours for $399. This is the lowest price ever, over $30 cheaper than the previous low. There is a saving on the 64GB also, making it now $299. If you're looking to try out an iPad, these prices may be what pushes you over the edge.

iPad at lowest price ever

The 2021 iPad is Apple's least expensive tablet, but it still packs some great features under the hood to keep you interested. There's an A13 Bionic chip keeping things buzzing away underneath, and a bright, 10.2-inch screen to show you all the Facebook you could want. It might not be the most impressive, shiny, or special iPad, but it's the perfect entry point into the iPad range.

It'll still run all the best Apple Arcade games, and it will stream Apple TV+ without a hitch, letting you watch Severance on the go. For artists, you can hook up an Apple Pencil for some digital drawing, and there's even a keyboard add-on should you find the need to get some light writing done.

Again, this price for both is the lowest they've ever been — and we're not sure how long they'll stay like this, or whether stock will last. Remember to grab one of the best iPad cases to protect it as well. They might be discounted, but they are still devices worth protecting.

iPad 10.2 (2021) | $479 now $399 at Amazon

iPad 10.2 (2021) | $479 now $399 at Amazon

It might be the entry-level model, but it's still got everything you could want in an iPad! This is the lowest ever price on the 64GB model, over $30 less than the previous. If you want to spend even less, then the 32GB model is now just $299 at Amazon.

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