iPad Air M1 is back down to its lowest-ever price with $100 off

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The iPad Air M1 came out in 2022 to much fanfare – after all, it brought the same chip that you'd find in the iPad Pro to a more affordable and approachable price point. Since then, it's remained one of the best iPads you can buy – and occasionally, it's seen some hefty discounts to make it even more affordable.

This current discount chops $100 off the full price, matching its previous lowest price. This price is one that we've seen before, but it's still a massive discount.

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iPad Air M1 | $599 $499 at Amazon

This deal is not going to beat out the previous lowest price, but it does match it. Thats a massive $100 off, and it's on all the color options, so no matter the iPad Air you're looking for you're going to get a saving.

The iPad Air M1 is a powerful tablet, especially for this price. There's the M1 chip at the heart for one, putting it nearly on par processor-wise as the previous model of the iPad Pro, and a nice large 10.9-inch screen that dominates the front.

The 12MP cameras on the back aren't going to blow you away, but they are going to be just fine for some occasional snaps. It's an attractive slab of tablet as well, and slim to boot. It might not boast the power of the most recent iPad Pro, but at this price, it's, in our eyes, a better bet than the iPad 10th gen that came out late last year – especially given that tablet is only $20 less at the moment.

If you do pick one up, make sure you grab one of the best iPad Air cases to go with it so that it's protected during any drops or falls – don't want to crack that screen!

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    iMore.com said:
    The iPad Air M1 is one of the older models of iPad available, but it's still a great tablet experience – now there's $100 off.

    iPad Air M1 is back down to its lowest-ever price with $100 off : Read more

    I love my M1 Air. It’s such a good deal.