iPad mini 7 could appear at Apple's event later today after new database filing

iPad Mini 6
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A resubmission to a battery database has given credence that a new iPad mini could be revealed at Apple’s 'Scary Fast' event later today.

According to MacRumors, a few resubmissions were made to a Chinese regulatory database for batteries last week. Included in these were for a MacBook Pro, a keyboard accessory, and an iPad mini.

It goes on to state that battery submissions were previously made for the Apple Watch Series 9. But it was filed under the Series 8, due to both having the same battery capacities. The same applies to these submissions, so we may be seeing a new iPad mini with the same battery capacity as the iPad mini 6.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that we may be seeing all three of these new products at Apple’s event later today. The company is set to announce the new Apple silicon M3 chip, which will allegedly be part of a new iMac and new MacBook Pros. So a new keyboard for the new iMac would make sense.

An iPad mini 7 was previously rumored to arrive by the end of the year, so seeing this later wouldn’t be a surprise to some. But as it’s not seen an update since 2021, many are hoping to see some big upgrades to the smallest iPad rather than an iterative one.

A big deal in a small package?

iPad mini 6 and view of TouchID

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While the iPad mini 6 is no slouch, many want to see ProMotion land on the tablet. It’s in the MacBook Pros, the iPad Pros, and the iPhone 13 Pro models and up which runs displays up to 120Hz, resulting in a much smoother experience as you scroll through your apps and more. 

The difference between using an iPad that has this feature, and one that doesn’t, can be very noticeable as you play a game or even browse the web. There’s also the ‘jelly scroll’ effect that’s in the iPad mini 6 as well. So while it’s likely that we may see an A16 chip come to the new model, seeing ProMotion and a fix to ‘jelly scroll’ could tempt plenty of users to upgrade to a new iPad mini.

Apple’s event looks set to be filled with a bunch of announcements that will please many users. From gaming to iMac fans, it looks to be a fantastic watch once it starts later at 5 PM PT.

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