M3 OLED iPad Pro could get a major charging upgrade — Apple's next top tablet could debut iPhone's MagSafe charging 2024

Close-up of USb-C port on silver 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
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A new report into Apple's upcoming OLED iPad Pro with M3 claims Apple's biggest and best tablet could come with MagSafe charging borrowed from the iPhone 15 when it debuts next year.

Apple is widely expected to upgrade its best iPad line with a hefty OLED display upgrade and the all-new M3 Apple silicon chip, bringing a vibrant display and powerful gaming capabilities to its top tablet. 

Now, a new report week claims that another upgrade could come in the form of MagSafe charging for wireless connectivity and charging beyond its current USB-C capabilities. 

MagSafe for iPad 

The report comes via MacRumors which claims to have heard that “The next-generation version of the iPad Pro that's set to come out in 2024 might include support for MagSafe charging,” citing “a source that is familiar with companies that manufacture magnets for Apple products.” 

As the report notes, Apple has previously considered glass backs for its iPad Pro needed for wireless charging and has tested MagSafe for iPad internally before. Confusingly, Apple has two entirely different proprietary charging standards called MagSafe, and it looks to be the iPhone, rather than the Mac version the company is considering. The latter returned to Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup recently after a hiatus and uses magnets to safely detach your laptop charger if it's pulled on too hard. Meanwhile the former came to Apple’s flagship with the iPhone 12 and uses a magnetic array on the back of the iPhone to line up Apple’s trademark puck as well as MagSafe battery packs, 3-in1 charging stands, and more. 

If iPad Pro does get MagSafe it would give iPhone and iPad users another shared charging standard alongside the iPad Pro, and could also open up a new ecosystem of MagSafe-powered iPad apps to the benefit of both customers and accessory companies. Apple is expected to debut its new iPad Pro in the spring at the next Apple event, probably in March so, if MagSafe is on the cards, we’ll know for certain pretty soon.

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