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Amazon Fire HD10 tablets
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Everyone would like to have the best on the market - but often, we can't afford them. This is where Amazons line of tablets comes in. With plastic shells and screens they are able to save money, and sell them at incredible prices, with the top of the range Fire tablet coming in at just over half the price of the bottom of the iPad tree. You'll currently find money off the entire Fire tablet range, making them even more affordable than usual - we'd go with the 10-inch Fire HD10, which has had a full $50 knocked off its price.

The tablet for everyone

Fire HD10 |$149now $99 at Amazon

Fire HD10 | $149 now $99 at Amazon

While they may not be the most premium tablets on the market, the Fire line is incredibly affordable for most users. They provide a good, everyday tablet experience, and this 10-inch model can currently be found for $50 off. Go with the ad-supported model for the best price - if you can put up with some ads on the lockscreen, it's well worth the saving you'll make.

The base model iPad is a lovely device with a great screen and incredible build quality. While it's the cheapest iPad, however, it's not the cheapest tablet on the market, and it still commands a high price - especially when you compare it to Amazon's Fire line of tablets. 

Amazon's tablets offer everything you could want in a tablet. Bright, colorful screens, solid build quality, and pretty much all the apps you could ever want. No, that bright, colorful screen isn't going to hold a candle to the screen of the Apple device, and the plastic housing doesn't feel as premium as the aluminum rear of the iPad. The thing is, you could have two Fire tablets for the price of one iPad - and that's when they're at full price. At the moment, you'll be able to get the 10-inch Fire HD10 for $99 - letting you almost deck out the whole family with tablets before you've spent the same as an iPad.

It's worth bearing in mind that you'll have to use Amazon's curated Android app store, but you'll find most of the apps you could want there so it's not too much of an issue. Alexa is also on board, bringing with her all the privacy concerns as usual. If you're willing to overlook these things, however, you're going to get a solid tablet experience for a third the price of an iPad.

If you absolutely must have an iPad, take a look at the best iPad deals and sales to see if you can save some money on a new tablet.

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