New lowest price for the iPad 10.2 in the Prime Day sales

iPad 10.2
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The iPad 10.2 might be getting a little long in the tooth, but that just means you can get some really great deals on it. There's Touch ID on the front for some extra security, sat below a still impressive Retina display, along with a nice Facetime camera on the front. It's slim enough to slip into any bag and sturdy enough to be tossed into a backpack. In normal times, the iPad 10.2 will set you back around $320, but in the Prime Day sales, you'll get a nice $50 discount. This brings the tablet down to a new lowest price of $269, beating out the previous lowest from last Prime Day.

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iPad 10.2 up to $60 off

iPad 10.2 64GB |$329now $269 at Amazon

iPad 10.2 64GB | $329 now $269 at Amazon

The base model iPad is certainly no slouch - an A15 Bionic chip will keep the tablet speedy for some time to come, along with a colorful and pin-sharp Retina display to ensure your content looks fantastic. The camera on the back is good enough for everyday use, and the front camera is perfect for facetime. It's got everything you need in a tablet, like full AppStore support, but also some extras like Touch ID and Apple Pencil support. It's not super expensive at the best of times, but at the moment, you'll save a chunk in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. There are discounts on the whole range, with savings of up to $60 if you want a cellular version or some more storage.

The iPad 10.2 is perhaps the best iPad for everyone. It won't cost you the world, but it will give you everything you could want or need out of a tablet. The screen is solid, the performance is excellent, and it'll slip into any bag big enough for an A4-sized notebook. No, it may not be the shiniest iPad you can buy, but it is the best priced, especially in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.

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