iPhone 3.0: Find My iPhone to be MobileMe WebApp?

A minor tweak in iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 changes the language for the -- still-unannounced by Apple -- "Find My iPhone" feature from simply saying it uses your MobileMe account at me.com, to saying it uses a MobileMe Web application.

The assumption has always been that this feature would let you track a lost iPhone (or perhaps the child for whom you bought it), web application sounds -- at least to us -- a tad more substantial in terms of implementation.

Since Apple will have to build out MobileMe to support this, and since we're speculating anyway, we're also still hoping a revamped MobileMe in general might make a guest appearance at WWDC (where Phil Schiller introduced it last year). With note sync finally available, adding it to MobileMe seems an obvious move. Tasks/Todo sync, as well as Photo Sync (currently photos can be shared and stored, but sync only to iPhoto web albums, not to the iPhone) and perhaps -- some of the other improvements we've dreamt of?


(Thanks to Cody for the tip!)

Rene Ritchie

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