iPhone 3.0: Find My iPhone to be MobileMe WebApp?

A minor tweak in iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 changes the language for the -- still-unannounced by Apple -- "Find My iPhone" feature from simply saying it uses your MobileMe account at me.com, to saying it uses a MobileMe Web application.

The assumption has always been that this feature would let you track a lost iPhone (or perhaps the child for whom you bought it), web application sounds -- at least to us -- a tad more substantial in terms of implementation.

Since Apple will have to build out MobileMe to support this, and since we're speculating anyway, we're also still hoping a revamped MobileMe in general might make a guest appearance at WWDC (where Phil Schiller introduced it last year). With note sync finally available, adding it to MobileMe seems an obvious move. Tasks/Todo sync, as well as Photo Sync (currently photos can be shared and stored, but sync only to iPhoto web albums, not to the iPhone) and perhaps -- some of the other improvements we've dreamt of?


(Thanks to Cody for the tip!)

Rene Ritchie

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  • This might almost make MobileMe worth $100 a year. Now I'll actually consider getting it when I get my iMac this year..
  • i'm sure someone is going to say, 'well a criminal will just wipe the phone!'
    Perhaps apple has figured out some ways around that, such as tying the UDID to your account so that if someone ELSE activates it, the phone can get tracked by them.
    Also, thieves aren't always smart. Someone stole a laptop off my desk (broke into office, stole it since it's three feet from the door), and a few days later, someone called us on the phone asking how to reset the bios password. That's right, a laptop chop shop called the "if found, return to:" number and asked the people whose laptop had been stolen, for the bios password.
    No, we didn't get it back.
  • I hope that if this what we are all thinking it's gonna be and there is some tech savvy thief who knows about this and takes out the SIM and etc. This feature will still in someway work! I guess we'll see
  • I don't know about the kid tracking bit.
    Unless this feature is locked by a separate password any kid savvy enough to use the iphone would be savvy enough to defeat it, because you would have to give them the mobile me account password for other things.
    I also wonder if this might lead to some serious incidents when clueless hotheads pursue stolen phone and get their asses kicked by the thief's posse.
    Will Officer Friendly go get your phone for you when the precision of it's location is no better than +/-50 yards?
    In a city, this is fairly useless. Indoors its worse. Your average thief would put it on vibrate wouldn't so you can't use the obvious "get close and call it" method.
    (When I lose my phone, it is usually under the papers on my desk or between the couch cushions. Calling the phone is easier.)
    Still it would be nice to find out where you left your phone when you make several stops in your daily travels.
  • I left my old phone in Toledo once (wasn't sure where) and called it a hundred times for a week. I finally drove an hour all the way there to see if anyone had it and when I finally found it the guy (store owner) said "Oh, that thing has been ringing non-stop."
    Needless to say I had to to refrain from screaming "Then why didn't you f**king ANSWER IT?" :roll:
    I sure hope this works better. :)