Unlocked iPhone 8 now easier to get in Canada thanks to Staples financing

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iPhone 8 back (Image credit: iMore)

In an age of low interest rates and plentiful credit, people expect things to be cheap — as long as the debt is paid. Well, Canadians can expect to participate in the game themselves when buying an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, because starting today the phones are available through Staples' financing plan.

These are the unlocked versions of the iPhones 8, the very same you'd find at the Apple Store. That means they're unlocked to all carriers in the country and around the world. Starting at $929 for the 64GB iPhone 8 and rising to $1269 for the 256GB iPhone 8 Plus, Staples is looking to make it considerably easier to pay off the phone over two years — without resorting to an often-restrictive two-year carrier contract. Users can finance the phone by signing up for a Staples Personal Credit Card and make equal payments starting at $44.38 per month; interest rates are built into the monthly price of the phone.

Staples is the only retailer in Canada offering financing options for unlocked iPhones; Apple itself offers the same in the U.S., but doesn't up north.

"Buying an unlocked iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus gives you the freedom to purchase the iPhone of your choice with the flexibility of being able to choose your own carrier and the benefit of not being locked into a carrier contract," said Jot Toor, senior vice president of merchandising, Staples. "We are excited to be bringing the new generation of iPhone to our customers with the added convenience of having it unlocked."

While Staples isn't saying whether it will extend its financing plan to the iPhone X, which goes up for pre-order this Friday and goes on sale the following Friday, November 3, now that it's selling the iPhone 8, there's a good chance the good times will keep on rolling. Just remember to pay your bill every month.

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