iPhone vs. Android app UI

Android Gripes, which I'm guessing is an homage to the terrific Adobe UI Gripes blog, has posted up some screenshots of iPhone apps side by side with their Android counterparts.

When I use an iPhone and an Android phone at the same time, I often find that apps from the same company look a lot different on these two platforms - the ones on Android usually look much worse.

There are without a doubt some well designed, great looking Android apps (Google makes a lot of them) but it is strange to see the same apps from the same developers simply not as well rendered for Android as they are for iPhone. Either Interface Builder in Xcode is even more magical than the iPad, there's some constraint in the Android development tools, or Android users simply aren't demanding the design level they deserve.

(There's a joke that if an app has an ugly icon, iPhone users won't download it. That same joke should exist on Android.)

[Android Gripes via @mdflores]

Rene Ritchie

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